Makerbot Talk @ Ignite, Wednesday 14/April

Title says it all. For those so inclined, here's my very late notice that I'll be talking about Makerbots, Repraps and Thingiverse this Wednesday 14th in the Science Museum. The event starts at 6:30.

Ignite is an event that asks “Enlighten us, but make it quick”. It was started by Bre Pettis and Brady Forrest as a way for local communities to share ideas and raise the “collective IQ”, and is traditionally composed of a little Make contest first, (like “Best Bridge Made of Popsicle Sticks”) followed by a series of five minute talks.

Each talk covers something interesting, smart and geeky. The format is: 15 seconds per slide, automatically advancing, making for a total of 20 slides. The restrictive format encourages creative presentation and a sustained level of energy in the talks.

As I'm discovering all too late, it also makes it pretty hard to make a presentation if you're used to ad-hoc! But for my next Ignite talk (he says ambitiously) I'll know to start much earlier.

My working title at the moment is: “Makerbot, RepRap and Thingiverse: Invent, Share, Enjoy, Repeat". I'll be releasing the presentation under a Creative Commons by-sa license so people can play around with it and re-use it.

I'm both looking forward to this, and have a trepidation. I'm packing a really dense talk in here, and the 15 seconds/slide thing is going to drive me a little mad. My only requests of fate are:  1) That I don't get tongue tied mid-sentence. 2) That I don't simply confuse the hell out of everyone.

 Share, if you like. Fediverse sharing is preferred, though.