Mousetrap Testing Update

I tested the ‘Tower Bridge’ mousetrap, after sanding the rails down good and smooth. It fell either too easily or not easily enough, but I got it to stay gently jammed in the ‘up’ position after baiting it, then left it for two nights.

As the pictures show, first day it had been visited.. by Ants! Cheeky feckers. Next morning it had fallen, but again with no mouse. I feel that the tendency to fall randomly is an issue, calling for a trigger of some sort.

As much as I love the aesthetics, the ingenious design and the ambition, I don't think in its present form it can catch a mouse without significant time and patience.

Sorry Starno, on to the next trap as soon as I get my printer working correctly again! I await instructions on the use of Worldgnat's trap, though I have it printed entirely.

 Share, if you like. Fediverse sharing is preferred, though.