Biocurious: Final Lap, Nature Publication. Jump On Board!

I've written before about Biocurious, the nascent Hackerspace for Biology that is raising money to rent out a real, no-kidding biotech lab full of professional equipment for community and citizen science. It's ambitious, it's brilliant, and it's already resulted in a study that's been published in Nature Medicine (a very prestigious journal even for well-equipped lab scientists), long before they reach their funding goal. The study in question was an excellent example of the power of citizen science and collaborative work.

Biocurious; a Hackerspace for Biotechnology. Please Help!

I'm a fool to be up this late, but I have to give a quick shout out in favour of the Biocurious Hackerspace, and a strong suggestion that you help them reach their goal on Kickstarter. Biocurious is planned to be a place where people can learn about and “hack” biology with access to proper, modern biological lab equipment and with close communication with fellow enthusiasts and fully trained biologists to help out.