Ireland's First Biohackerspace: In Cork

Let me share some extraordinary news with you. After years of watching the biohacker movement rise to prominence around the world, my home city of Cork is suddenly and rapidly becoming a hub of Synthetic Biology, and as part of this transition will soon have a biohackerspace modelled upon the success of La Paillasse, Paris. In case you don't want to read more, here's all you really need to know: there's an assortment of people and supports nucleating rapidly around a biohackerspace in Cork City, very possibly in a unique and curiously appropriate location.

Biocurious; a Hackerspace for Biotechnology. Please Help!

I'm a fool to be up this late, but I have to give a quick shout out in favour of the Biocurious Hackerspace, and a strong suggestion that you help them reach their goal on Kickstarter. Biocurious is planned to be a place where people can learn about and “hack” biology with access to proper, modern biological lab equipment and with close communication with fellow enthusiasts and fully trained biologists to help out.