My Accurate DNA Sculpture Arrived!

A week or so ago I sat down in OpenSCAD and spent some time modelling something I've wanted to make since I got my Makerbot almost a year ago. For a while, I hadn't made it because OpenSCAD's compiled binaries didn't support extrusion, which I needed to create a twist-y backbone. For a while after that, I was exceedingly busy with marriage and mousetraps. I still am busy with mousetraps but we all need a holiday now and then!

My DNA Sculpture is now for sale on Shapeways!

Just for love, I designed and printed myself a little sculpture of a DNA double-helix on a small base. It's going to be my desk ornament in the lab for the next few months while I try to finish my project on time and write a thesis. Of course, nowadays if you've made something you're proud of, it's a trivial thing to offer it for sale to others with similar nerdy interests!

A Letter to the Electronic Frontier Foundation

I have just posted an email to the EFF asking a few questions about something that's been on my mind. The US Government owns many or all of the primary DNS servers that rout internet traffic around the world. They are increasingly invading users’ privacy, regardless of the country of origin for the traffic. On top of this, the ISPs that provide internet service to users around the world are, at best, self-serving and unaccountable.