On Forensic DNA Evidence and Forged DNA

For context's sake, let me say that at time of writing I am between Cork Airport and somewhere in London, attending the EU DIYbio Continental Congress, with the collective goal of developing a community code of bioethics and biosafety that we can hopefully ask the community at large to adhere to. I'll be summarising and expounding on the experience afterwards, but for now I'm motivated to discuss something mostly unrelated.

Returning to the US Elections

I'll be honest: I never actually left the US Elections personally. I just refrained from covering any of the events of the last few whiles, to preserve sanity and time better spent. After all, everyone's covering this, so why should I repeat it all and waste precious letters? I think I'm entitled to spam a little on the Elections, though. At this moment, CNN have just declared Philadelphia an Obama win.

What this blog is

Having taken an interest in world politics, I've decided to start a new, public blog where I can ramble about my take on things. Everything here is either a quoted and referenced fact, or my own personal opinion. If you're taking offence to anything I state here, rest assured it wasn't intentional. Unless it was very obviously intentional. I'll probably make the distinction clear. Anyways, I'll be ranting about EU policy and foreign matters like China and the US to varying degrees.

The Lisbon Treaty and Ireland, First Go

I'll point out that I'm pro-treaty, but I'm trying to keep this relatively neutral when it comes to stating the facts. However, I'm aware that things may be taken in a different light by different people. Don't take anything I've written here personally, it's just my opinion. Or a fact. You'll be able to tell the difference readily, I should hope. Intro! In the last while since it became headlining news, I've taken an interest in the Lisbon Treaty, and decided to read up on it before making any judgements.